Sleep Study Preparation

A sleep study is an overnight observation of a person sleeping, performed in a specialized sleep laboratory.

The procedure consist of electrodes and other monitors attached to the skin with a small amount of paste and/or tape. A technologist will be monitoring your sleep through the night using audio-visual and other monitoring equipment.

You will be in a private room. Continuous contact with the Sleep Technologist will be possible if needed. Visits to the washroom are always possible.

These instructions MUST BE FOLLOWED so you are prepared for your sleep study.

Pre-Test Patients Instructions

“On the Day of your sleep study”
  1. Avoid alcohol the whole day of your study.
  2. Avoid napping on the day of your study.
  3. You can eat and drink normally until lunch time. After lunch, please do not have any forms of caffeine (no coffee, tea, pop, herbal teas or “decaf” products. Drink only water, juice and milk and eat normally just no chocolate).
  4. Take all medications as normal; there is no need to stop anything unless otherwise instructed by your doctor.
  5. Have dinner as usual before your appointment.
“To bring/pack with you for your study” Please Bring:
  1. Your health card.
  2. A current list of your medications.
  3. The medications that you will need to take before sleeping or in the morning when you wake up.
  4. Bring a change of comfortable clothes to sleep in, that could be pajamas, t-shirt and shorts, or a t-shirt and track pants. Bring in a change of clothes for the following morning. The rooms are kept cold, so bring extra layers with you.
  5. We have extra blankets and pillows so there is no need to bring these items.
  6. Bring a towel and toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash and anything else you need to get ready for bed. You can also bring a book or anything to read before bed. You can bring items to have a shower, your hair will be sticky in the morning from the paste they use to apply the wires to your head. You can shower here but please bring all items with you towel, shampoo, conditioner and soap.
  7. Bring a bottle of water or juice with you to sip throughout the night if you like, and feel free to bring in a snack.
A little bit about your evening with us
  1. The technician will register you and get you set up with a room and there will be some paperwork to fill out, 6 pages in total. There might be a waiting period before the start of your set-up as the technicians attend to other patients too.
  2. The technician will get you to change into your night-time attire and will be applying wires to your scalp (parting in-between your hair), face, chest and legs. They will be monitoring you through-out the night to see if your airway becomes obstructed during sleep.
  3. Lights out will be anywhere between 10:30pm – 11:30pm.
  4. Do you have our address to the clinic? And “Do you know where this is located? Please note that you can feel free to park at the front of the clinic in the evening, and you will not be towed. Do you have any questions? Please Click Here
  5. We do require 24 hours cancellation notice otherwise there is a charge of $200.